Club 43 is more than a volleyball club. It’s a family. Every day you walk in the door you are greeted by friendly and helpful staff. You are pushed to do your best and to achieve your goals, with support of the educated coaches. I am very happy with my decision to play here, and I am proud to be 43!

Lily, Minneapolis

Club 43 provides a great competitive environment while maintaining a sense of fun and enjoyment of the sport of volleyball.  Our daughter is getting great training and instruction.  Her skills and confidence have grown tremendously. Annie coaches with an effective balance of constructive criticism and praise.  She is constantly challenging players to take it to the next level.

Mary, Hopkins

Club 43 is the perfect mixture of quality & quantity- Annie has created the environment necessary to inspire my daughter to become the absolute best “whole player” she can be: the smartest, best conditioned, most competitive and driven individual position specialist and volleyball team member. She knows & cares about each of her players and leads them to their personal- highest possible level of achievement through the most comprehensive offerings of cross-training, clinics, camps, team & positional trainings. She just flat out knows what it takes…We have a true “club” spirit at 43 & I know from experience you simply can’t find it anywhere else!

Michelle, Minneapolis

If your daughter wants to be highly motivated but also held accountable with constructive honest feedback so she can be the “best she can be”, then Club 43 is for you.  Annie Adamczak-Glavan is a “rock star” Nebraska – All American player that is the catalyst/engine of the club.   Annie will motivate you/your daughter to train physically & mentally and show her that hard work really does pay off.  The club provides personal training as well.
If your daughter is interested in playing in College, Annie (a former D1 Nebraska  – All American Volleyball player) will describe and help the players understand the following:
1) How College Coaches recruit – what they can and cannot do.
2) What is the difference is between D1, D2 & D3 schools are as far as Coaches, scholarships (or not) and quality of College life.
3) What the players need to do by their Freshman, Sophomore, Junior & Senior years so they can be recruited.
4) Annie will help put together a “recruiting video” for your daughter.
Club 43 attracts top talent and their teams win!  Most importantly – the girls  will have fun!

Sue, Hopkins

I really like to play volleyball and Club 43 is a great place for me to do this. The coaches are really nice and have taught so much about volleyball and being a part of a team. I have also made lots of new friends here, it is a really fun place to train and play volleyball.

Anna, Golden Valley

Before I started with Club 43, I was really committed to soccer and was just about to quit volleyball. Within two months my priorities completely changed, volleyball became my favorite sport! The coaches at Club 43 really know the game and are dedicated to teaching volleyball.  My teammates have always been serious about improving and also a lot of fun to be around.  When I am there, I always feel challenged to work my hardest.

Elke, Minneapolis

Annie’s honesty, intensity, integrity, dedication and passion are an inspiration to the young women who play for Club 43.  She is an excellent role model for us all and my daughter wouldn’t dream of playing for any other club.

Club 43 has been transformational for my daughter. The professionalism of the coaches is unmatched in other clubs, the skill development is outstanding, and the teams and coaches have a ton of fun together. It is refreshing to see young women learn how to compete together rather than against each other to elevate everyone. We have found a no-nonsense, respect-filled, competitive and caring volleyball home at Club 43.

Jennifer, Minneapolis

I’m so blessed to play at 43. The coaches, athletes and club have made me a stronger, more confident volleyball player and person! When I play at 43 I always feel wanted and important. The coaches truly care about me as a player and person and support and encourage me on and off the court. 43 is my second family!

Anna, Player, Edina

Annie and the coaches at CLUB 43 encourage our daughter to be the best that she can be. With their support and mentoring both on and off the court her confidence and playing ability have greatly improved. CLUB 43 is exceptional because it offers great, competitive training in a personalized and caring environment.

Rose, Parent, Edina

I found CLUB 43 to be really welcoming right from the beginning. The coaches are super fun, but they also teach you so much so well and so quickly! I’ve made great friends on my 43 teams, as well! CLUB 43 has been a great skill-building and team experience for me!

Maggie, Player, Burnsville

It has been wonderful to watch my daughter’s volleyball skills and confidence grow at CLUB 43. She has learned so much about the game and about the kind of athlete and player she wants to be, both on and off the court. The coaches have been responsive and supportive, and always expect the best from the girls. Thank you, CLUB 43!

Julie, Parent, Burnsville

We love Club 43 since we know that our daughter is on a winning team, receives the best possible coaching and visibly improves her skills in every practice and game. The coaches really get to know each girl and push the girls to higher levels as individuals as well as part of a team. The girls learn the skills, strategies and the focused mind set that it takes to win!

Anne, parent, Eden Prairie

We came to CLUB 43, not knowing anyone or knowing the coaches. Our daughter made the team and bonded with her teammates immediately. She went from liking the game to loving volleyball and couldn’t wait to get back to practice or a match. In 2 years of being at 43, she improved tremendously as an athlete and has confidence in herself as a player.

CLUB 43 coaches are experienced, knowledgeable, teach skills in new and creative ways, and focus on improving each players potential. We bleed purple & lime green! Go 43!

Gina, Player – Bob & Carole, Parents, New Hope