Sue, Hopkins

If your daughter wants to be highly motivated but also held accountable with constructive honest feedback so she can be the “best she can be”, then Club 43 is for you.  Annie Adamczak-Glavan is a “rock star” Nebraska – All American player that is the catalyst/engine of the club.   Annie will motivate you/your daughter to train physically & mentally and show her that hard work really does pay off.  The club provides personal training as well.
If your daughter is interested in playing in College, Annie (a former D1 Nebraska  – All American Volleyball player) will describe and help the players understand the following:
1) How College Coaches recruit – what they can and cannot do.
2) What is the difference is between D1, D2 & D3 schools are as far as Coaches, scholarships (or not) and quality of College life.
3) What the players need to do by their Freshman, Sophomore, Junior & Senior years so they can be recruited.
4) Annie will help put together a “recruiting video” for your daughter.
Club 43 attracts top talent and their teams win!  Most importantly – the girls  will have fun!